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King Square cantilever

Caledonia is engaged on scaffolding works for John Holland at the Kings Square 1 development in Perth CBD. John Holland was looking for access to the tower crane at building level 13, approximately 50m in height, to facilitate safe and simple access to the crane tower, in order to save the crane operator a climb from the ground several times a day. Read more

Swan Brewery birdcage

The award-winning (Champion Australasian Brewery 2004) Swan Brewery in Perth, originally established in 1857 and now part of the Lion Nathan group, is being upgraded. A new, more efficient vessel, a “Louter Tun”, is being installed, made by Krone in Germany, so they can brew a greater variety of beverages, including the local beers Emu and Swan and national brands Tooheys and Hahn that they already brew. Read more

Tall ship scaffolding

The STS Leeuwin II is a Western Australian tall ship that provides young people the challenge to develop the skills required to sail these vessels from yesteryear. Pictured above at Fremantle’s docks, Instant Scaffolds also faced a challenge: how to safely and efficiently provide access to allow for repair and maintenance work to the ship’s 20m masts. Read more

Minderoo Bridge

Spanning 75 metres across the Ashburton River, the Minderoo Bridge is in a remote part of Western Australia. As the bridge is over a site sacred to local Aboriginal people, a requirement of the job was not to disturb the ground below the bridge. Hence the scaffold has been suspended from the top of the bridge and hangs down to just a few centimetres above ground level. Read more

Hanging scaffold

These pylons support a conveyor belt going over a kilometre out to sea to deliver salt to waiting ships. This hanging scaffold is suspended off doubled up aluminium beams and cantilevered out around the base. Read more

Staging festival gardens

Statewide Staging Systems was showing off its new Layher stage, stand and lighting towers, (dubbed ‘The Festival Gardens’), at the 2012 Perth International Arts Festival earlier this year. The festival ran for 22 nights with some of the best Australian and international acts performing on the Main Stage which consisted of Layher Allround and Layher EV 104 stage decks. Read more