Scaffolding North Johnstone Bridge

Benchmark Scaffolding was engaged by Queensland Rail to supply and install Layher Allround scaffolding to the North Johnstone Bridge. The project was to provide access to the headstocks and underside of the bridge for maintenance and repair works.

Benchmark’s methodology was to adopt the ... Read More

Merivale Rail Bridge, Brisbane

This landmark rail crossing of the Brisbane river required scaffolding to allow for blasting, painting and structural work to be carried out. The project involved challenges that included engineering, rail and waterway traffic, live power plus wind management and scaffolding weight restrictions. ... Read More

Footscray Footbridge

The Allround bridging system has been used to create two 18m long pedestrian walkways over rail lines in Melbourne. The pre-assembled bridges were elevated into the exact positions using a crane. The bridges link up with the public access ramps and stairs that are constructed from Layher Allround ... Read More

Homegrown Scaffold

Scafit erected this 10.5m x 9m hospitality platform, complete with cantilevered diving platform, for VIP guests attending New Zealand's premier Homegrown concert on Wellington's waterfront. Apart from providing diving facilities and other liquid sustenance, the venue had autograph signing facilities... Read More

Allround Modular Truss System

Introducing Layher's new Allround Modular Truss System! Developed to provide temporary pedestrian bridge structures, the solution is capable of spans up to 33m long and 2.5m wide, depending on required permissible loads. Special protect holders also make it possible to fix the protect panels to the ... Read More

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