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Allround Guardrail System

Allround Guardrail System (AGS)

Allround Guardrail System

  • Safer and faster assembly
  • Two main components
  • High load capacity
  • Integrates with Allround Scaffolding
  • Lightweight and compact

Advancing side protection

To enable assembly and dismantling work always to be conducted safely from behind an advancing guardrail, Layher developed the Allround Guardrail System (AGS). Using the AGS standard and AGS guardrails, advancing edge protection can be provided on both the outside and inside faces of a scaffolding structure. With AGS, there is no requirement for the use of temporary edge protection, harnesses or time-consuming work methods.

AGS integrates with Allround Scaffolding System

High loading capacity

The innovative guardrail end-connection, in combination with the red locks, enables the installation of the next level’s guardrails from the existing access deck. This achieves a fully guardrailed lift of scaffolding before there is a need to access that deck level. Assembly and dismantling operations can be carried out in any direction, and the system is fully compatible with conventional Layher Allround components.

Two main components; AGS Standard and AGS Guardrail

Red latch secures AGS Guardrail