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Technical design support

Layher offers technical engineering design support

Technical design support

  • Local design services
  • Engineering support
  • International expertise and customised solutions
  • State-of-the-art CAD software: analysis; VR; QR; Revit library

Local design services

Our dedicated team of design specialists has extensive experience in scaffolding design and calculation, project planning, logistics, and relevant Australian standards. The team has successfully delivered solutions for a broad range of applications including residential, commercial, energy, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and events.

In short, we understand scaffolding, and our team is immediately available to assist with your latest scaffolding opportunity. Simply provide us with a plan or description of your scaffolding project and we will help you determine the best possible solutions, minimising material requirements and maximising your return on investment.Shape

  • Preliminary 2D plans and elevations
  • Accurate gear lists
  • 3D pdf models
  • Technical assistance and load capacity checks
  • Advice on improving efficiency of material for layouts

Engineering support

Our engineers are ready to help you identify, analyse and resolve any challenge you may face.

For complex projects that require specialist engineering support, or a more sophisticated build methodology, our team of experienced engineers can provide knowledgeable, skilled assistance to ensure your project proceeds in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

International expertise and customised solutions

For projects that require a truly unique solution, Layher can draw on local and international engineering expertise to design and manufacture a bespoke scaffolding solution capable of overcoming even the most extraordinary scaffolding and construction challenges.

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