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Protect & Roof Systems

Layher Protection System

Protect & Roof Systems

  • Keder Roof and Wall Systems
  • Steel Cassette Roof System
  • Mobile Roof System
  • Protect Cladding System

Best environmental protection

Successful in the Australian for over 15 years now, Layher offers high-quality weather protection and containment solutions to suit even the most demanding projects.

Designed to withstand the elements and to provide more safety in erection and use, Layher’s protection and roof systems are ideally suited to Australia’s construction practices and our harsh weather.

Simple and robust

Each of our protection systems employs a modular, easy-to-assemble design that is fully compatible with the Allround Scaffolding system. The robust and versatile solutions offer a long working life and are low maintenance, making them an excellent investment for a variety of protection requirements, including special scaffolding construction applications in punishing conditions.

Whether you have simple or extraordinary protection challenges, Layher has the environmental protection solution you need.

Keder Roof Systems

Layher’s Keder Roof and Keder Roof XL (PVC roof sheet) systems are incredibly robust temporary weather protection solutions. With their ability to create large self-supporting roof spans, the systems are ideally suited to a wide range of applications and sectors.

Layher Keder Roof Systems
Layher Keder Roof Systems

Steel Cassette Roof System

Layher’s Steel Cassette Roof System is durable, capable of large spans and allows easy access through the roof for delivery of project material. With their ability to allow for the removal of one or more roof cassettes, the Steel Cassette Roof System is ideally suited to repair/maintenance projects over a long duration.

Layher Steel Cassette Roof Systems
Layher Steel Cassette Roof System

Mobile Roof System

Layher’s Mobile Roof System is the ultimate in lightweight and portable weather protection. Its innovative transport mechanism enables the system to be easily repositioned, making it suited to wide variety of construction applications.

Layher Mobile Roof System
Layher Mobile Roof System

Protect Cladding System

Layher’s Protect System is a highly effective weather protection, noise reduction, cladding and containment solution. The system’s fully enveloping design creates a visually appealing protective skin around the structure, guarding against internal and external site hazards, and environmental contaminants.

Layher Protect Systems
Layher Protect Cladding System