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Layher. The Scaffolding System.


Layher is the world’s leading manufacturer of scaffolding and temporary works solutions. We supply equipment to the residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and event industries.

Layher the innovator

Firstly, Layher goes to considerable effort to develop products that are lighter, faster and stronger. Ultimately this saves your business time and money. Likewise, Layher sets the standard for innovation and excellence.

In an increasingly quality and cost-conscious market, we strive to develop and advance scaffolding technology. This ensures we offer the most competitive product and service portfolio available today.

Whether you are a first-time Layher investor or a loyal Layher user, the service offered through Layher’s technical team holds the reputation for being the best on the market.

Quality and safety assured

Layher products are made in Germany by Layher. With Layher products you can expect a substantially longer working life and higher resale value. So, should the time finally come when you may consider selling your business, you can be confident you will secure an excellent return on your investment.

Layher also offers a full range of optional safety components and tools, making our systems the safest solutions on the market today.

Aluminium TwixBeam

Layher TwixBeam

The aluminium TwixBeam from Layher

The high-strength, multipurpose aluminium TwixBeam from Layher – consisting of two bolted aluminium U-sections with a height of 200mm – has a wide range of possible uses, for wide-span work platforms, support beams, suspended scaffolding or projecting structures.

Scaffold Projects using Layher Scaffolding

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