Layher Allround Lightweight


Layher Allround Lightweight adds a new dimension to scaffolding. It is the result of extensive R&D, designed to make scaffolding easier, safer and, above all, cost-effective for Layher customers.
Layher engineers have specified, and successfully incorporated into this development, special high-tensile steel – a steel that significantly lowers the weight of components. Despite reduced wall thickness and lower weight, these new Layher products deliver higher load-bearing capacities than the existing, well-established Allround system. The new wedge-head/rosette connection contributes to the improvement in load-bearing capacities and the innovative ledger AutoLock function enables faster scaffolding erection and improves safety.
Watch our video to learn more about our new generation Layher Allround Lightweight.

Introducing New Allround Diagonal Brace LW

Layher’s Allround diagonal braces have now all been changed to the LW version.  The new LW version includes a number of modifications, all of which have been designed to benefit the end-user and make scaffolding operations easier to manage.   Changes include the following:

  • The LW wedge-head makes simple the differentiation of these new braces from existing stockholdings.
  • Where bay heights were detailed in text on the lower ring of the component Labels, the text has been replaced with a number of dots.  The number of dots represents the number of rosettes that correspond with the appropriate bay height.
  • The bay length is retained elsewhere on the Label. 

Allround O-Ledger LW, Reinforced T14 

The new reinforced O-Ledger LW T14 has a cutaway reinforcement section on the underside which makes it easy to fit the lift-off preventer for O-decks. The headroom is increased by 8cm in comparison awith the Allround-O bridging ledgers, and the load capacity is increased by up to 142%.

This new reinforced O-Ledger now offers both higher load capacity and easier handling thanks to lower structural height. 





Assembly speed can be increased up to 10 %, transport capacity up to 12 %.