The two principal benefits that result from the use of Layher systems are Productivity and Safety. There are myriad examples available to demonstrate these two important features of Layher systems, and detailed below are just a small selection. 

Weight Saving 

Layher goes to considerable efforts to achieve reductions in the weight of their scaffolding systems. In the case of Layher Allround, weight savings can be greater than 40% when compared to alternative systems in the market.  

Reduced Number Of Components

Through intelligent R&D, Layher has achieved remarkable reductions in the number of components required to assemble scaffolding structures.  Some examples include: the reduction in the number of deck units required; the absence of ledgers at deck level; and reductions in the number of façade brace units required. 

Manufacturing Tolerances

Layher products are manufactured to an enviable level of consistency and to tight tolerances.  The combination of these two factors enhances both productivity and safety.  With specific reference to productivity, those assembling Layher products do not suffer from delays associated with the poor fit of components - or components that are simply defective.  Layher takes great pride in the manufacturing quality standards that are central to the group’s ethos.