The full range of Layher products and systems all benefit from the same focus on safety, manufacturing quality, and high productivity achieved through intelligent design. 

The Layher Allround scaffolding system, originally invented by Layher in 1974, remains central to the Layher range of products.  Most of Layher's range of product have Layher Allround at their core.  An investment into Layher Allround represents a step towards the high utilization of that investment across a wide range of applications. 

Product Innovations 2016

At Bauma in Munich, the world’s biggest trade fair for the construction industry, Layher introduced for the first time a range of new and modified products for 2016.  All of these product developments are fully integrated with earlier versions.

Layher’s continuous product development demonstrates our commitment to ensure that our customers have a competitive advantage in the market and enjoy long-term success. Where Layher customers have an interest to develop their business laterally into new markets, they can always rely on Layher innovations to provide them with this possibility. 

What's new from Layher?


What We Offer 

    Layher Allround Lightweight 

     Layher Allround Scaffolding System

     Layher Heavy Duty Bridging system

     Layher Stairway Towers and Access

     Layher STAR Frame Scaffolding

     Layher TG60 Shoring system

     Layher Keder Roof System

     Layher Protect System

     Layher Events System

     Layher Scaffolding Accessories