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Protect panel encapsulation

protect panel encapsulation

Protect panel encapsulation

Demolition projects often present a range of challenges, including dust and noise suppression. This is made more difficult when working in close proximity to other buildings, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic in the heart of a capital city.

McMahon Services have built a reputation as leaders in demolition, and have recently begun investing in Layher Allround products. This project in the Adelaide CBD combined the Layher Allround scaffolding system with Protect System panels and the FW System. This achieved an impressive solution that is both functional and presents a professional appearance.

Spanning 12.5m, the remarkably strong Layher FW system beam was designed to withstand loads from the fully encapsulated structure above. The Protect System’s panels provide an enclosed work-space for demolition operations whilst minimising disturbance to others.

Thank you to McMahon Services for permission to use these photographs.