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55 Southbank Boulevard

55 Southbank Boulevard

Granted Access welcomed the technical challenges presented by this project. The requirement was to provide access to enable finishing works, waterproofing and balustrade installation. The Granted Access solution was imaginative, and met all their client’s technical specifications.

Using the Layher Allround scaffolding system, the design involved a back-propped cantilever from which access scaffolding was both punched up to a height of 9m, and suspended below. The Layher Allround system lived up to its name: by adjusting ledger angles within the rosette, the outside line of the scaffold remained unbroken as it followed the curve of the building.

created by dji camera

Furthermore, the design achieved a safe and practical solution without the requirement for ties. The Managing Director of Granted Access, Grant Johnston, observed “Our client was delighted with our Layher Allround design and our service delivery. The result has been the immediate award of further project work.”

Thank you to Grant Johnston for permission to use these photographs.