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Brisbane River Suspended Scaffold

brisbane river suspended scaffold

Brisbane River Suspended Scaffold

Benchmark Scaffolding took on the challenge of suspending a scaffold over a 26m span between two timber headstocks to provide access for blast and paint repairs on an active fuel line in the Brisbane River. No connection to the pipe was permitted due to its age and condition. All loads had to be transferred into the headstocks, which had their own structural issues.

To achieve the safest and most efficient solution, Benchmark designed and engineered a craneable scaffold using Layher’s FW System in conjunction with conventional Layher Allround Scaffolding. The structure was assembled on land, lifted onto a barge, transported to site, then lifted into position in a single move. This method eliminated risks of falling objects and working at heights.

In Australia to date, this is the largest single span structure constructed using Layher’s impressive FW System. The result was a centre-span load capacity of 5kPa, achieved with an exceptionally light weight scaffold.

Congratulations to Benchmark Scaffolding on a professional and safe solution to a difficult problem.