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Above Scaffolding

Marvellous mobile scaffold

Above Scaffolding developed a large area, roll-out/roll-in Catch-Deck for Lend Lease’s Barangaroo project to mitigate the risk of falling materials. The modular catch-deck cantilevers up to 5m beyond the slab edge while maintaining a very impressive 5kPa rating thanks to the structural capacity of Layher Allround and Layher 750mm Lattice Beams. Read more

Cantilevered facade

On a Bovis Lend Lease site in Sydney’s busy George Street, Above Scaffolding have built a façade scaffold with a difference. The façade scaffold is 14m wide x 18m high and is supported on twin 750 lattice girders cantilevered off a birdcage scaffold in the atrium and extending out over the construction zone in the heart of the CBD. Read more