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Scaffold King

Scaffold King won the contract to provide access to enable painting work to be carried out on this heritage-listed building in Sydney. The scaffold design was based on the provision of Scaffold King’s Layher Allround Lightweight (LW) system. The design featured a 7m bridge over the lower roof above the building’s entrance. Read more

Keder Coal Reclaimer

Rize Scaffold in the Hunter Valley of NSW recently completed this impressive blast and paint facility in Newcastle. Past difficulties with assembly and encapsulation were experienced when carrying out this project with an alternative scaffolding system. On this occasion, Rize worked closely with Layher’s technical team to design a Layher Allround Lightweight scaffold, together with a Layher Keder roof. Read more

A Free-Standing Curved Solution

Alphasafe took on an interesting challenge with this project: provide a free-standing, full scaffolding wrap to a height of 18m around a building with a curved face – no ties permitted. The rosette on their Layher Allround scaffolding system was designed to cater for curved structures, and the strength of their Layher Allround braces allowed for 6.5m between buttresses. Read more