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Scaffold Projects

A Free-Standing Curved Solution

Alphasafe took on an interesting challenge with this project: provide a free-standing, full scaffolding wrap to a height of 18m around a building with a curved face – no ties permitted. The rosette on their Layher Allround scaffolding system was designed to cater for curved structures, and the strength of their Layher Allround braces allowed for 6.5m between buttresses. Read more

Efficiencies on shut-downs

Remarkable efficiency was achieved by Ausscaff with their provision of access for shutdown remediation works on this project. Using laser scanning technology, Ausscaff produced a clever design incorporating their Layher Allround Scaffolding, together with Layher’s FW Bridging System, to achieve impressive 20m spans. Read more

A ship-shape access solution

Interesting challenges are the hallmark of access work involving ships, yachts, and similar – particularly when they remain afloat rather than in dry dock. This project, undertaken by Liquid Yacht Support Pty Ltd, is a good example: scaffolding access that had to be as light as possible and allow for suspended, cantilevered and bridged solutions to access a complex geometry. Read more

55 Southbank Boulevard

Granted Access welcomed the technical challenges presented by this project. The requirement was to provide access to enable finishing works, waterproofing and balustrade installation. The Granted Access solution was imaginative, and met all their client’s technical specifications. Read more